About Us

Teak roots native Central Java come from reclaimed trees, planted by PERHUTANI (Indonesian Goverment) and former trees whose roots are not used.

Samin Teak is a company from Blora, Central Java, Indonesia has experience in teak root craft because in the city of Blora is the best ARTISAN of teak wood. Our company is specialized in manufacturing / trading teak root furniture such as Teak Root Console Table, Teak root coffee table (Square and Rectangular), Teak Root Square Coffee Table, Teak Root Round Coffee Table, Teak Root Dining Table, Teak Root Dining Table ( Center carved out), Mushroom Table, Teak Root Star Table, Star Slice Table, Teak Root Display, Teak Root Ball Stool, Teak Root Decor with stand, Teal Pedestal, Side table / stool, Teak Dining Table, Console Table and Teving Carving. We serve a variety of needs that are needed by the residential, office, and commercial community such as hotels, cafes and restaurants. The products we offer certainly have high quality and are made from high quality. We offer a wide variety of teak root furniture that is licensed and legally incorporated.

We serve furniture making services from teak roots according to the tastes of today’s consumers by pre-order so that the products presented are new products, and we provide ready stock products in our showroom in Jepon District, Blora Regency, Central Java, Indonesia to serve your needs.


Shipping Service
• These shipments only reach the nearest port in your city if you want door to door service additional costs beyond these shipping costs (my shipping agent nearest your country will inform you, please leave message)
• Shipping Service: by Sea estimated 60 days (following the destination country)
• Shipping port: Tanjung Mas Port, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
• We only accept delivery of goods by sea ship

Shipping Cost (Full Container Loaded)
Price EXW Port Semarang, Central Java Indonesia
Shipping costs are determined by the port shipping agent with Invoice Packing List details:
• Import destination country
• Packaging Dimensions
• Weight
• Number of CBM (Cubic Meter)
After we receive the details on the quantity of the ordered goods and the port of destination we receive from you, we will quote the shipping cost.

Down Payment 30% from total purchase, 70% after all item finish. We support payments Western Union & TT