Samin Teak Indonesia

Samin Teak is a company from Blora, Central Java, Indonesia has experience in teak root craft because in the city of Blora is the best ARTISAN of teak wood. Our company is specialized in manufacturing / trading teak root furniture.

We Design & Sell Teak Root Wood.

We serve a variety of needs that are needed by the residential, office, and commercial community such as hotels, cafes and restaurants. The products we offer certainly have high quality and are made from high quality. We offer a wide variety of teak root furniture that is licensed and legally incorporated.

teak root console table

Our Product

Our company is specialized in manufacturing / trading teak root furniture such as Teak Root Wood.

Teak Root Console Table Rustic

The Naturally Rustic Teak Root Console Table is a sight to behold. We start by selecting the perfect Teak root material, carefully cleaning and sanding it until it becomes a perfect rustic beauty.

Square Coffee Table Teak Root

Make a style statement with the Natural Teak Root Square Coffee Table. Constructed from solid pieces of authentic teak wood, our Natural Teak Root range of occasional tables is perfect for those who seek

Teak Root Square Coffee Table

Add versatility to your indoor décor with this coffee table from Saminteak Indonesia. Set this coffee table in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office or any room where you want to hang out with friends

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Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Build It.

The furniture products we offer have high quality at competitive and affordable prices, done by skilled and experienced craftsmen. Our products have been widely used in housing, offices, hotels, places of worship, cafes and restaurants, and throughout the country and abroad.

“We serve furniture making services from teak roots according to the tastes of today’s consumers by pre-order so that the products presented are new products, and we provide ready stock products.”

Store Location

Our showroom in Jepon District, 8km, Blora Regency, Central Java, Indonesia


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